Comfortable transfers to any Kazakhstani bank card

Do you need to transfer money from card to card? Now you can do it without leaving the comfort of your home or office! A new online-service by «» portal allows making transfers in Almaty or other cities of Kazakhstan in mere minutes. To complete the transaction you have to have the required amount in your bank account and have the card numbers of the sender and recipient.

It is comfortable and convenient to make transfers between Halyk Bank cards for many reasons. By using our electronic Воспользовавшись service, you get such advantages as:

  • Saving time – you don’t need to go to the bank personally and wait in the queue;
  • A possibility to make transfers between any cards of any Kazakhstani banks;
  • Safety guaranteed – data is transferred through encrypted TSL protocols;
  • Our online-service offers low rates.

Undoubtedly the speed of transactions within our money transferring system is a great benefit. The transferred amount will reach the recipient in a few minutes after the transaction is carried out.

How to use our online-service

To transfer money from card to card you must to fill in a special form on our website. Enter the card numbers of the sender and recipient, the date of expiration for the sender’s card (month/year). You will also need to enter the amount in KZT that you want to transfer.

In the field labeled «CVV/CVC» you must enter the three digit code that you can find on the back of your bank card. American Express card owners must enter the four digit code, printed on the front of the card. That combination is intended for additional identification of the card owner to make the electronic transfer service safer.


Please note, that you can conduct transfers to other bank’s cards only within the limits, set by the system. The following limits on transaction amounts are applicable now*. The limits of the amounts in KZT are accounted according to the current USD exchange rate:

  • no more than 10 000 USD in three days;
  • no more than 5 000 USD in 24 hours;
  • no more than 2 500 USD in one transaction.

*These limits may not match the displayed amount if the sender’s card has other restrictions on maximum transaction amounts. To get more detailed information, call the customer service for the bank that issued your card.

The daily transfer limit is 8 transactions. The sender’s card may be protected by 3D Secure dynamic password. In that case you must enter the automatically generated code, sent to you via SMS.

Methods of carrying out transactions through «»

1. Online transaction. With the help of instructions above you can transfer money between cards through the Internet. This method is great because does not require you to leave your home or office.

2. Transfer through the self-service terminals. In order to complete a transaction you need to have a Halyk Bank bank card. The terminal allows you to check your balance, pay for services or make a transfer.

3. Mobile client. After you have installed the «Halyk Homebank» app, you will be able to use the mobile bank services everywhere you have provider coverage. 

Professional support

If you are having trouble with transferring money online between Kazakhstani cards, we advise you to contact our customer service center (