Guide to the online-service of instant money transfers

With the development of internet technology instant money transfers have become much simpler, because now there is no need to go to the bank to do it. To complete a transfer it is enough to know the card numbers of both sender and recipient and information to access the account. Do you want to know, how to transfer money between cards with our online-service? You will need to follow this list:

  • Fill in the card numbers of the sender/recepient;
  • Fill in the field «amount in KZT»;
  • Fill in your E-mail;
  • Fill in the field «Month/Year» (your card’s expiration date);
  • Enter the «CVV/CVC» 3 digit code that is located on the back of the card*.

*American Express card owners should enter the 4 digit code, located on the front of the card.

Are you an owner of a Halyk Bank card? In that case, to transfer to another financial institution’s card, you will need to login to Homebank first. Rate for this transaction is 0,9% from the total transfer amount.

Reason for the transfer to be delayed

1. You have reached your daily limit or the maximum limit set for the sender’s card. Go to the “Rates” page to read about the limitations in our system. You can also call a manager of your bank to find out about any limits on your card.

2. The sender’s card could be protected by 3D Secure. To finish the transaction in that case you will have to enter the dynamic code, that will be sent in a SMS.

3. This message appeared on your screen - «SORRY, AN INTERNAL ERROR OCCURRED». It means that the security settings of your web browser are blocking the transaction. Allow the use of cookies or correct your browser settings. 

Do you wish to know how to make an instant transfer and need a specialist’s help? Call our support and communication center managers! Your problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

How safe is our online-service?

Internet users, who want to know how to make a transfer between cards, often ask questions on the safety of internet transactions. Our online service is transferring information though an encrypted TLS protocol. It ensures safety for all transactions and client’s data.

The electronic transfer service is known for ease in use, low rates and superior protection from hacking and fraud. The transferred sum will reach the recipient in just a few minutes.